You are so much more special than you realize.

The doctor that I saw Wednesday  told me the sad news.  My previous Kaiser primary care doctor, Dr. Amit Jha, who was 37; I Loved Him as my doctor and as a person, was one of the people that died last year, when they had the Hantavirus Outbreak at the Curry Village Tent Cabins in Yosemite, caused by possible mouse droppings.  I believe 4 people died from that outbreak.  Okay, here is the good news.  Apparently the Good DO Die Young.  That definitely leaves me and my family safe for a long, long time!   hahahahahahaaa

My HTC Evo V 4G smartphone from Virgin Mobile is starting to act really badly.  I am afraid that it is dying.  I paid $300 for it.  Not sure when I got it, but it sure doesn’t seem that old.  Looks like I may need to get another phone.  I loved this phone, but that is a lot of money.  I only pay Virgin Mobile $35 a month, which I love – but, I shouldn’t have to be buying another phone already.  A bit perplexed on what to do at the moment. 



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  1. Michael O'Brien says:

    Hi Sis.., since we are not getting anywhere or nowhere in our relationship. A heads-up for you.. Samsung just released their new ‘Samsung Galaxy S IV smartphone with 4G’. If you go to the CNN News website (, under technology, you will find a great story and video on the new Samsung Galaxy S IV. Worth reading and watching video.. Also.., has several reviews on the phone, including video on what’s new and how it works. I have the same phone as you and I too, am having trouble with mine. I also like the Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone through Verizon or WalMart. You can also, get WalMart’s ‘Straight Talk’ for $40 or $45 per month with everything. It’s a really good deal, if you use your phone 24/7 like me.. Hope I helped.. Love ya.., Mike O’Brien in Butte, Montana 🙂 * Oh.., “Erin Go Bragh !!” and a happy St. Patrick’s Day or weekend. Still.., love ya. Mike 🙂

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