You are someone’s favorite person.

Took dad to Kaiser for his appointment with Dr. Hardy, the dermatologist.  Everything looks good.  Does not need to go back for another check up for one whole year!  So, we drove to Pleasanton and visited with Uncle Joe and the three of us had tacos at Jack-in-the-Box.  Went to put the mail in our next door neighbors house, as usual, when we got home.  The door was locked.  Uh oh.  A couple of weeks ago, Alma, in her 80’s, was in the hospital with fluid on the lungs and 20% heart capacity.  This afternoon, her niece Kathy, found she had slipped out of her chair onto the floor – she has had a stroke.  Guess we’ll know more in the next few days.  I think her body is getting pretty weak to handle all of this.  I have been working on qigong eye exercises.  This left eye drives me crazy.  Everything is blurry, distorted and out of focus.  I wish it could just stabilize a little better.  Especially driving.  Must think positive thoughts that this will eventually improve!

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