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What a fast weekend. Again, loved the Boots on the Ground Training. This is time-consuming. But, I think I’ve got enough major project out of the way, that I can begin scheduling time to devote to this. We shall see. Spent Friday night in the van. Very cozy. There are about 16 in the class this weekend. When we went and toured a few houses, eight of us were in one gal’s van. After the tour, our van decided to go to lunch together and we went to Hot and Juicy. They have plastic table cloths and plastic bibs. We ordered shelled shrimp. It comes in plastic bags and you peel it and leave it right on the plastic table cloth. It is so messy, so Hot, and so Juicy, and so Delicious! Very fun experience. I really need to get better at taking pictures. That would have been a great picture. Class ended at 4:00pm and I got home at 7:00pm. Took a nice hot shower and slept really well last night. The yard has piles of dirt, rocks etc everywhere. Retaining wall looks about half done. And one of the workers trucks is parked in the middle of my yard for the weekend. My driveway has a huge pile of sand. Guess it’s time for me to choose the rock. Hopefully, I will be able to start using the garage in eight days. Looking forward to that. The weather has really been perfect. Hope we get to continue more warm weather.

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