You are someone’s strength.

Today was warm, but the wind has picked up and it is rolling my little van around. Still taking it easy. Coloring, audible books, Sudoku. Mostly working on losing this weight. That is really the only thing I am truly focused on right now. It is working, but it does take some time. I don’t want to get distracted where I suddenly grab fast food before I think and then take a step backwards. The scale fluctuates so I am up and down. Fortunately, more down than up. Really want to make that phone call and move forward. Really want to get out of Oregon. haha Weather – Bah! lol It is so beautiful, but I want to move on. Feel like I am trapped because I have to stay close to Kaiser right now. So I am working as much as I can to take care of this as quick as I can. “Hoping” I can make that phone call this week. Might be optimistic. But that is my objective to make this happen.

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