You are special in so many ways!

Friday, I was so active and feeling so good.  And I put over 16,000 steps on my new Fitbit Flex.  Very impressive.  Saturday, down to 3800 steps, and most of those were going to the park’s 36th Anniversary dinner at the clubhouse.  haha  I was so tired, I did not even post to my blog.  We had a nice time at the dinner and the music was great.  Took my car to Firestone Saturday morning and had the oil changed and tires rotated.  Of course, they “Recommended” $1200 of additional services – like they always do.  When we get time, we’ll take the recommendation list over to Jim’s Automotive and let him decide what we may actually need.  In most cases, he says, “None”.   But, we trust him, so we’re happy to do whatever he recommends.  After dropping the car off, dad and I went to McDonald’s and had a nice breakfast, and then we went to the dining table at the clubhouse for an hour.  Very busy day.

Today, we’ll stay home.  Lots of football today.  Uncle Joe is going to come spend the night so that we can all be at the Veterans in Oakland on Clay Street for his 10:00am meeting tomorrow morning.

6:45pm  Uncle Joe came over about 1:00pm and we watched football and made oolio oolio for dinner.  Lots of fun.  I went to the Jacuzzi and then we had ice cream for dessert.

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