You are special.

Lots of running around today.  Left house at 7:00am and went to the manor grocery store – oops –  they don’t open til 8:30am.  Waited.  Then, they did not have what I was look for.  lol  but fooled around and had a good time.  8:45am Took my car to Firestone for oil change and tire rotation.  Over Two Hours.  Hung around Southland Mall.  Mall doesn’t open till 10:00.  Fooled around and had a good time.  See a theme here???  Stopped by the theater and  bought dad and I each a large cup – $3 refill through 2013.  Thought we could use them for water.  We are trying to drink less soda and our water bottles are not working out for us.  Grabbed chili cheese fries at Fuddruckers.  Went to the Halal Market and bought one pound lamb for Luigi.  He cut the pieces into cubes.  The bone made me nervous, so I cut up the meat into little pieces.  Luigi loved it, but kind of a hassle for me.  Still large learning curve.  Bought a dymo label maker at Walmart.  Ate tamales that Bill and Carol brought to us.  Tonight Bill brought us lots more ham and plenty of rolls.  Poor Henry (on dialysis) and Norma’s furnace went out today.  Brought them over our little portable heater.  Long, enjoyable day.

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