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Had such a fun day.  Dad took his electric scooter to the dining room at the clubhouse and I had the whole day to myself.  Yeah!  I happened upon Galvani’s Market in San Leandro and they had lamb shanks!  Wow!  I thought that would be great for Luigi’s rawfeeding.  Turns out the darn thing cost $9.99 pound – which is a LOT of money.  Then figured, well, he will be fed with it for a whole week.  haha laugh is on me.  Guess “shank” means ‘big huge thick bone’, cuz he couldn’t even chew on it.  Started crying, poor little guy.  I cut out the meat best I could.  Enough for one meal.  Most of it was bone.  He really did enjoy it though.  I will get him lamb again, but now I know that it won’t be shanks.  Also, had a salami and cheese on sourdough roll.  Good, but the one that I had from Lucca’s in Castro Valley last week – much, much better.  Good to know.  Then I went to Coldstone and had a Hawaiian Shaved Ice.  Bought Luigi some fish oil capsules today from Walmart, but still not clear how to give them to him.  Sure I will figure it out soon.  Still going to the Jacuzzi every afternoon and having it all to myself.  Luxury!  Loving it!

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