You can and you will.

Will came and took pictures and went over everything for my new air conditioning system. Lots of learning curve. Mode, Swing, Set, and lots of other options. He may have Martin come back out and set it up so that I can use both remotes independently as I have a split unit in the living room and the bedroom.

Nope, everything is on one system. So much of the settings have to be the same, like cool or heat, etc.
But, the temperatures can be higher and lower. So, it will work out fine.

Time Warner Cable just arrived and is checking my cable connection. May need to re-connect it before I can get my television hooked up.

Yep, outside cable was not connected. Then, after a long time, realized we needed to swap to a different box. My box was not working properly. Nice guy. He even helped me set up my DVD and internet wifi to the TV.

Skipper and I had a two-hour lunch at Las Platas and then worked on his crabgrass in his yard and checked lots of pipes, wire-mesh openings, etc. etc. We checked out a great, clean Nissan Sentra at Firestone for $3,000 with a new 80,000 mile engine. But, I have decided, I just don’t have the parking space. So, guess I’ll just use the van for now.

Went to the Senior Center tonight for corn beef and cabbage with Skipper, Cheri, Peggy, Bev and most of the Friday night gang. Lots of fun. Today is St. Patrick’s Day.

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