You deserve a beautiful life.

Dad and I spent last night at Uncle Joe’s.  We got up at about 4:30am this morning and had coffee and donuts at Tina’s Donuts.  Then went to the Veterans in Livermore and saw Dr. Yu.  No help whatsoever.  Then saw the Mental Health guy.  Nice guy.  Is going to find grief counselors to recommend and send to Uncle Joe.  Saw Social Worker, Holland Jordan.  Very nice, but just more paperwork.  Talked to AMVET Services, Frank Gonzales.  He is Very Sick today.  Too sick to help and after waiting another hour, he just wanted to go home he was so sick.  May call and schedule appointment.  Long day.  Not too much, certainly not for living, that they can help with.  We all went to McDonalds for lunch.  Came home and went to Jacuzzi.  Felt good.  Good to be home.   One Day At A Time.

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