You deserve a little lift!

Wow!  I’m beginning to see why I have been going around in circles.  Here is what I think I know so far.   You have to have a different username for Bluehost;;; and Forums.   In order to use certain plugins for you Must Have signed up with .  Bluehost is set up to be the Best host for WordPress, But….  they have nothing to do with them and won’t tell you anything.  hehe  WordPress is a lot like Life, don’t ya think??  Oh, and apparently you Cannot choose your own password for Forums and they send you one of those ^Bw*Vn(klR%wsac type passwords.   And on WordPress, you cannot call or email a real person for any answers.  Period.  Boy, for someone with nothing to say, I must really want a blog.  Or a life.  hehe 

So, today it is pleasantly raining and dad and I are going to the movies and seeing “Killing Them Softly” with Brad Pitt.  We’ll tape the 49er game.  The Raiders are blacked out.  They are losing and the fans never come to their games when they lose.  Dad won’t even watch sports if any of our teams are behind or don’t have the ball.  Guess he gets that from being a Raider Fan.  hehe  So we tape everything and fast forward through about 98% of the games. 

It’s fun having a new project!



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