You deserve the best!

Dad and I went to Uncle Joe and Auntie Isabel’s today and then had lunch at Jack-in-the-Box.  Fixed their new telephone.  We finally figured out – accidentally – lol – that you adjust the Ringer Setting – when the phone is Not being used.  Anyway, now they are very happy.

Took Niles Canyon – boy, this driving and focusing is really dangerous.  Did have a little bit of time where it was not too bad, but this Really needs to Improve – Soon!

“Perhaps” good news I read online “A macular pucker is not related to macular degeneration,  these are two different problems. A macular pucker should not be considered a  precursor to a macular hole.”

Received the Medical Application in the mail today.  Sheesh…. is all this paper work worth it???  Not sure yet.


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