You don’t have anything to prove. You’re already wonderful!

Nice easy morning. Laundry, cleaning the house for Saturday’s party, organizing and then watching episodes of Bones. Tammie came home from work about 1:00pm and we drove to Carytown in Richmond, Virginia and had a wonderful lunch at a little, one of a kind, Galaxy Diner. Old fashion diner. So quaint. Great, fun service and large delicious servings in a great old diner setting. We were in Carytown, the street was filled with boutiques, spas, specialty shops. Would have loved to spent more time there. Then we picked up Kat at the Richmond Airport and drove to Colonial Williamsburg for more caramel apples and the girls enjoy beverages from the pub. I went next store and grabbed a Starbucks Grande Caramel Frappaccino. Quick ride home. Got settled in and watched the last three episodes of Netflix Grace and Frankie. LOVE this series. Hope it returns. Caity and Kat took showers and have gone out partying for the evening. I gave Kat my bedroom, and I am bunking in with LindaRae. Received my toll fine of $3.25 from Florida and paid online. Got my second summons for Jury Duty from Oregon. Emailed them and they immediately emailed back my temporary Excused. That’s good. No telling how quickly they will summon me again. We’ll see what happens. This visit is going by very quickly. Each day is so enjoyable. But my pants are growing tighter each day. Oops. Oh, yeah. Had Cheeses and lots of Italian salami’s every single morning for breakfast. AND we had Another Chocolate Cherry Milkshake today. Hmmm… Very spoiled… and Loving It!

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