You don’t need to be perfect to be fabulous!

This morning I went to the hypnotherapist Seth-Deborah Roth in Castro Valley.  We did the first session of four session for The Virtual Gastric Band.  Really good session.  Then I went to the movies and “Elysium” with Matt Damon and Jodie Foster.  Very happy today.  Dad went to the NEVRA meeting tonight and I was able to get lots done.  Feeling very accomplished.

Eleanor Flanagan called me tonight all upset because Bev Morgan is giving her a hard time and saying that she (Bev) wants Luigi.  I talked to Eleanor for a half hour and hopefully she is feeling better.  Dad and I are going to visit Eleanor tomorrow and assure her that Luigi belongs to her and not to let Bev upset her.  Bev is always getting everyone upset.  Eleanor said that she was so upset, that Luigi threw up.  Dogs do sense these things.  Dad and I want to reassure her.  Eleanor is a really nice person and deserves peace.

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