You have more than enough talent.

Very cold morning.  Ran around and checked out Safeway in Castro Valley and Chavez Market on Mission Blvd.  Both good stores to buy meats and organs for Luigi.  Had breakfast at the Taqueria by Southland.  Bought the Netgear N600 Wireless Dual Band Router from Best Buy, so dad and I will be ready when the Tablet arrives from HSN.  Had another single-scoop sundae, this time with black walnut ice cream, and carmel topping with nuts from Baskin Robbins.  Made delicious spaghetti with all that great garlic that Carol sent over for us.  Tonight, dad and Bill are going to the clubhouse for the NEVRA meeting.  Just a fun run-around day.  Took items to Salvation Army; went to the Thrift Store, K-Mart, Walmart.

9:30pm  Sad news.  Our dear friend and neighbor, Henry Nunes, who lives across the street – has passed away.  He went and had his dialysis this morning and died at 3:30pm.  He has been so frail.  He had diseased kidneys, diseased liver and diseased heart.  He told Norma today that he was ready to go, and then he died.  Also, our good friend Frank Mendes, who had another heart attack, is in ICU at St. Rose Hospital.  And our friend Mary Hechler fell down, and is in the hospital.  Getting old Sucks!  When can I go on some adventures, and get back into the world of the living!  Yea!

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