You have so much future ahead of you!

Hmmmm… what did I do today. Haircut. Laundry. Superbowl. So happy Denver won!
Mostly a nice quiet, easy day. Skipper and Cheri are in Las Vegas overnight with Cheri’s brother and his wife. It was so nice having a day that I wasn’t running 100 mph all day. Oh, and this morning I had my first Skype with A Course In Miracles. I use to belong to a group with weekly meetings and really enjoyed it. So glad this new group has started. It is a small group including someone in Denmark and someone, oops, some other country. Can’t remember which other country. And the others are from around the country. Makes it pretty interesting. I’ve been wanting to join A Course In Miracles group for the longest time. On the internet, you can be traveling and still join the group. That is so great.

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