You have so much to be proud of!

Cleaning ladies came this morning.  After going to the dining table at the clubhouse and seeing Jake, dad and I went to Pleasanton and picked up Uncle Joe and we went to the Veterans in Livermore.  Long day, but got a lot accomplished.  Spoke with social worker Holland Jordan.  She was so helpful and gave us so much information.  Poor dad, we had to keep going to different floors in the building, and his mobility is getting so limited.  Afterwards we had such a fun time at cousin Debbie’s and had delicious tuna sandwiches.  It was the perfect end to a Very Long Day.  Got home and ran to the Jacuzzi.  Just in the nick of time.  They closed at 5:00pm today as they are getting everything ready for the 36th Anniversary party for the park this Saturday night.  Came home and took a Long Deep Nap.

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