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Another day in Paradise. lol Spent all day with handyman. We have been making so many trips to Home Depot. New front door for me. Unit in the back we are putting in new bathtub, tile substitute, pipe, insulation, drywall, door stuff, etc, etc. etc. One thing continues to lead to another. Each day – since April 26th, I am told that “my” unit will be complete. again…. lol I’ve got doors and materials everywhere. My other handyman, after contacting him several times, says he will be back Monday to complete his work. Cross fingers. Today, I did finally open the mail and packages. When I’ll get back to actually take care of what needs to be done, sooner than later, I hope. Steeped in paperwork. Cable is coming tomorrow to put wifi and TV hook-ups back in. Definitely need wifi. Was a gorgeous day, which made all the running around actually pretty fun. Finally doing the laundry tonight. I had unplugged “everything” before I left for Oregon. So each day, I am plugging things back in. Oh, and the guys showed me how to reverse the ceiling fan in my bedroom to blow “up” and turn my air conditioner blades “high level” so that the air is not blowing in my eyes. This forces the air up which actually is cooling my room, without blowing me right in the face. So far, I am loving it.

Enjoyed a nice evening and tacos with Skipper and Cheri.

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