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Well, the good news is Aaron did not have a cement job this morning, because of rain. So, he is here working on my wall. Taking a long time, but I know drywall is new to him. And Alvin did not come with him this morning. This is a three-day project. Each morning.

Skipper called with really sad news. We know this has been coming for some time, but today is the day. He is going to put Cleo down. She is just in too much pain. Her yelps this morning were just too awful, and it’s not fair to her to suffer this much. She is the sweetest dog. She also is losing her bladder control. Just multiple problems keep coming faster and faster.

Spent all day with Cheri and Skipper. Missing Cleo. Enjoyed steak dinner that I was too tired to join in with last night. Watched several episodes of FaceOff from the SyFy channel. Really good show. It poured for several hours, so I ordered an umbrella from Amazon. Should rain a few more days, so will delay my yard work.

Tonight the Friday Night Gang, we are going to IHop in Lenwood. Skipper is giving Cheri shots in her foot for blood clots; it is a blood thinner, while she is wearing her cast. I should get a lot of my paperwork done, if they go on their three-day trip. My four-drawer file is still empty. Feeling overwhelmed because so much paperwork is coming in right now. Just keep putting it to the side. There is some more work that has to be done on the rental, before we can rent it again. Hope they are quiet, good tenants. Don’t really want to share the parking. lol I know. This is a better rental if I am not living here. Just like lots and lots of peace and quiet. But love living so close to Skipper and Cheri.

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