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Had a great Cousins Family Lunch today.  Today is dad’s 88th Birthday!  We went to Round Table Pizza in Pleasanton.  It was dad and I, Uncle Joe and Auntie Isabel, Kenny, Lisa, Debbie, Lenny, Deaunn, Jean, Carlotta, Jim, Kim, Edgar, Landon, Annie, Hope, Krissy, Keith, Tyler, Mason and Sydney.  22 of us.  Good turnout for dad’s birthday.  We had a great time.  Afterwards, we went across the street to Debbie’s and had cake that Debbie baked.  They also gave dad a nice big bottle of Crown Royal.  He is very Happy.  When we got home, I ran to Walgreens and bought Mucinex D and Wal-Dryl Allergy Antihistamine.  Hope to get rid of this obnoxious cough!  We had a great day.

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