You have the talent to accomplish your goals.

Early this morning, I drove forty miles to the Farmer’s Market in Victorville. They only have it on Thursday mornings. Bought four pounds of small red potations at $2.50 a pound. Drove forty miles back home. Stopped by the grocery store back in Barstow – same potatoes – .99 cents pound. Okayyyyy……

Clark’s Pest Control came today and sprayed. Yeaaaaaaaa!

Called again today, and they actually sent someone out and replaced my garbage can lid with the new ones. Yeaaaaaa!

Called Michigan with two questions. They never called me back. Hmmmmm…..

Called and made a hair appointment with a new hair stylist over at Cheri’s salon. Better parking.

Called and made appointment for pedicure with my favorite nail gal. I am so ticklish and she does not torture me. I actually enjoy most of the pedicure. I am especially enjoying these new gels. They really stay and look fresh until you change them.

Got the estimate for the back unit today. Gave them a check. They are coming to take pictures and post the unit on the internet. Hopefully, will have this unit rented soon.

Got lots of other things accomplished today. Even enjoyed a nice, hot, bubble bath. And had a Groupon for Starbucks, so enjoyed my delicious caramel frappucino. My mind has definitely been leaning toward being on the road again. Taking my van to Victorville, I felt like, just keep going. lol Need to wrap things up here. Need to be patient. Still have lots to do. It will be worth it in the long run.

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