You know all those things you always wanted to do? You should go do them.

Called Handyman Raymond this morning. More excuses. I told him we have to finish Monday or I am getting someone else to finish. Again he promises me he will finish Monday. When I do get him here, he works for maybe an hour, and then disappears. Never returns. I don’t understand this and I am beyond frustrated. Please let Monday be the end. My yard is still all torn up. And I want the cement work completed before the rain comes.

Ran around and got things completed myself this morning. Then, Skipper and Cheri called and we went to the Pistachio Festival in Newberry Springs. That was really a lot of fun. Great weather. Great exhibits. Great people. It felt good to get out and have a little activity. Poor Cheri is still suffering with her bronchitis and cold. Sounds like Skipper has got congestion also. Hope they get healthy quickly. Cheri’s mom is coming November 22, to stay for several months.

Looks like things are coming along with my Michigan properties. They have sent me my Property Management papers. Yeah!

Oh, yeah. Cheri says she can see my weight loss in my neck. Yep! My neck is getting back to a more normal size. Do you realize what a huge statement this is. I am thrilled!

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