You know the truth by the way it feels.

Where is Mr. Sun this morning. I do get spoiled with all the beautiful sunshine here.

Another exciting breakthrough. The scale reads 164.8 pounds this morning. I don’t know if I’m going to make it all the way through the 160’s by the end of this month or not, but slowly and steadily we are working our way down, down, down. Even if I only were to lose one pound each week, I would be thrilled. But, I think I have already lost about 8 pounds since the first of October. This is beginning to become math, so it is a little tricky. The fact that I am never hungry and always satisfied eating potatoes has made this so easy for me. Of course, I have been eating all of my meals at home, which especially makes it easy. Not so sure right now, if I even want to leave the house before I lose this weight. I know it will slow things down. Right now, I get to stay focused and it is easy. And motivating. But, I am a mere mortal, and it will be more difficult when I am not home. Better yet, I should not self-talk to myself like that. I should tell myself, that I CAN keep up the good work. It’s potatoes. What’s easier than that!!

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