You light up someone’s life!

Skipper called.  They went to the bone doctor.  Looks like they will be staying in Texas for 3 to 6 months.  Cheri has to have more operations on her broken arm.  Skipper says he has already lost 52 pounds taking care of her.  We should look up our charts.  These seem to be trying times right now for all of us.

Feeling better today.  Dad and I went to Uncle Joe’s and took him to Bank of America.  They printed out most of the forms be “believe” we need, and requested the rest to be mailed to us.  Not sure if we will be able to get all paperwork from Social Security, Veterans, and insurance policy in time.  Monday is Martin Luther King holiday and everyone is closed.  Started talking to Uncle Joe about living with Tommy.  Largely, also, because we don’t believe he has enough money to live on his own.  So far, he is balking.  So, one day at a time.

Dad and I, Uncle Joe and Tommy all had a nice dinner at Mexico Lindo’s in Pleasanton.

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