You make life easier for someone.

Wednesday I went for my regular obgyn appointment at Kaiser with Dr. Massengill – Yes – he is related to the family.  Good news is, I may only need to go one more time, when I am 65.  This afternoon, I called .  After 90 minutes on hold – lol – a really helpful gal helped me and connected me directly with another really helpful gal at Medical.  They say now in 2014 with Obamacare, I no longer need to be disabled under 65 and that I now AM eligible for Medical.  They are backlogged, and it will take about 30 days.  I can choose Kaiser as my primary and also it WILL include prescriptions.  Thought this was pretty good news.  We’ll see how it all works out in about a month.  Pretty happy about it right now.

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