You make life richer.

It’s only 10:00am and I have the air conditioner guy here, hopefully, finishing the odds and ends.

Then Peggy called and I guess I accepted being first Vice President in Women’s Club, or something like that.

More paperwork on properties keeps coming through that I have to keep doing.

Still cannot get my new television activated. Not sure what is going on. Will spend a good part of today hopefully getting that straightened out.

Already did a full load of washing clothes.

I feel so worn out from working so hard the last few days, and I know that I have to go to Laughlin with Peggy Friday through Monday. I may just crawl back into bed and take a four hour nap. The TV box is taking up my whole living room, and I moved everything to make room for the guys to put up the TV and now I have no where to put everything back. Have I mentioned “organization”. lol Honestly, I feel like I never accomplish enough, because I am always starting over with figuring out new organization. And I can’t get to anything – Again! I’m just over tired. I need to get some rest.

So Happy! Martin took the TV box out to his truck to dispose of it. Now, I have my living room back!
Also, he noticed that the wires are cut, from last week, when they connected my telephone in my office, the second bedroom. So, the cable company needs to come back out and reconnect the wires to my living room. Mystery solved.

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