You make someone feel like a winner.

Dad and I went to Bank of America in Castro Valley this morning.  Two months ago we went to BofA Hayward on A Street and had new pictures taken for our Visa cards.  Dad received his – didn’t like it – and it is still in the drawer.  Mine never arrived.  Last  month we went to BofA Castro Valley and I took a second picture.  Didn’t arrive.  Follow up phone call to the branch and to the main office.  Assured it was on its way.  Never arrived.  Tuesday we went to BofA Pleasanton and I had a third picture taken.  Spent an hour there while the representative was on the phone explaining to the main office.  The new card was Federal Expressed and received yesterday – with – NO picture!   Went back to the Castro Valley branch this morning and promised they are Federal Expressing new card – with picture – to be received tomorrow.  Cross Fingers!!

Then we had lunch with Uncle Joe at Wendy’s in Castro Valley.  Came home and took a valium.  Just feel like feeling relaxed.  It is working.  Have been calm all evening.  Yesterday was such a tough day with dad.  Today, so much better.  Tomorrow I think he and Bill are going to exercise.  That is always a nice break for me.



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