You were meant to be happy.

We have been so super busy that my blogging either keeps missing or is so fast and I am not able to take much time for it. Woke up in my new bed to glorious sunshine and feeling so happy. So much to do. Taking it easy this morning deciding the best order to tackle everything. I think it is only 32 degrees outside. Really need to get a jacket. Right now, I have two of Cheri’s at my house. Think she might appreciate it if I returned them. lol Cheri has been so sick with a really bad cold and terrible sore throat for 8 days now. Hopefully, she is calling the doctor this morning. My heart breaks seeing her so sick. No fun getting so sick over the holidays. So guess I’d better get motivated and get going. It is taking me longer to write my list, than just jumping in and doing it. Here we go!

Drove into Victorville today and went to Verizon, Sears, etc. Do you know that there are ZERO
coats at The Burlington Coat Factory today? Not one coat for man, woman, or child. That is how cold it is here right now. lol God Bless Cheri. Oh, she did go to the doctor today. Really bad sinus infection. I did get to J.C. Penny and bought lots of kitchen ware. Should be pretty well set up for awhile. Had dinner with Skipper, Cheri and Jean. Chinese food. Long day. I’m exhausted. Good night.

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