You will succeed in many ways.

Dad’s arm is much better today.  Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy.  We watched two playoff games.  Both very exciting.  I made us bacon and eggs for breakfast.  Gave Luigi a raw egg with a little hot bacon grease.  He loved it.  Later I fed him boneless, skinless chicken breast.  He did make a nice little poop this morning.  He seems to be doing well on his raw feeding.  Although, I have been reading the Yahoo groups, and I may be feeding him a little too much.  Going to start paying a little better attention to portions.  He never really ate much on kibble, but this new diet he has a much larger appetite.  But, I definitely want to keep him lean and healthy.  Spending a lot of time right now reading about rawfeeding and trying to make for a quick learning curve.

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