Your dreams are a big deal. Go for them!

My office desk is now complete. So happy to have a desk. This is actually my first desk. I have never had one before. Curious if I will actually use it now that I have it. I am so used to having always only had the bed to use as an office. It seems pretty cool though. Just taking things one step at a time.

Although I am doing the Nutrisystem, I cancelled my auto-ship orders. I am not too crazy about the food. But it is okay. I have a couple of books to make some food with less calories. And since I just got the pressure cooker and air-fryer, it will be fun to try a couple of things. Eating is always a tuffy. Don’t really want to cook. No kidding! But, want good-tasting food without a lot of calories. So I keep trying. Being a finicky eater is not easy. And finding fresh produce that tastes good is not an easy task. But, I will figure it out. One step at a time.

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