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Wow! What a fabulous show. Donny and Marie were everything and more in their live show. I would be happy to go again and see the exact same show. One extra bonus we got. Tuesday was the first night of their eighth season opening and the folks from Madame Toussard’s Wax Museum were there with the new life-size wax figures of Donny and Marie. They had them pose with the wax figures for pictures and today the wax figures will first be at the museum. The wax figures are really done well. It was really hard to tell the figures from Donny and Marie. They put more into their ninety minute show than most people could ever imagine. Honestly, things happened so fast, I couldn’t catch it all. Several screens going at once, musicians, dancers, changes. How they have the energy with all the dancing, running around, costume changes, athletics, instruments, and on and on. Truly loved this show. And somehow I ended up with an amazing hotel room with a view of Las Vegas on the 27th floor.

Oh, and also, I had a massage in the massage chair, that made me limp as a noodle. One of the best massages I have had in a long, long time. The guy’s name was Ping, and he was absolutely perfect for me. I’d like to go back, just to get another massage.

And driving around in the little rental car was so much fun. So freeing. I was able to zip, zip all over, even back here in Barstow. So much easier to drive than my van. My van is great for traveling, but day to day, it is a bit more challenging. Since I got my new California license plates, I have tried dozens of phrases to remember my license plates which include the letters MSA. Lots of ideas, but none of them are sticking. Right now, the one that seems to be sticking is kind of whacky – sort of like singing a little chinese – “me so able”. Goofy. My little Escort was WDB – which I always used
“Well Done Brendon” and our old VW Campervan was “FIW” – which we used “Fred Is Willing” since dad’s dad had nine kids. lol
It’s just fun, and a little memory game. So, we’ll see what I end up with MSA.

Tonight I had Taco Wednesday from Del Taco with Skipper, Cheri and Jean.
Skipper and I are driving Jean to the airport in Las Vegas tomorrow. Cheri’s brother and wife are flying with her back to Texas.
Cheri is going to work late tomorrow, and we will all have a nice burrito breakfast before we leave for Las Vegas.

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