Your dreams matter.

Dad and I went grocery shopping at Lucky’s this morning.  Then we drove out to visit Frank Mendes at the convalescent hospital.  They have a quarantine with a Noro Virus Outbreak!  Yikes!  Last week Bill Mack helped us fix the stuck seat belt in the backseat where dad rides.  Today – we were stopped in Castro Valley by the police.  Yep – dad was not wearing his seatbelt.  lol  That is the second time in a year that we have been stopped for him not wearing his seatbelt.  Luckily, we got another warning.  His right arm is so weak, I know that it is difficult for him.  So guess I need to start helping him and making sure that he is wearing his seat belt.  My car is 14 years old, so there are no lights or buzzers to tell me when the seat belts aren’t being used.  But, we had a good day.  Picked up Chinese food from Yummy’s and brought it home and watched all of our taped programs all afternoon.  Will I ever have a more active life?  Hmmm……  That is such a good question.  I am beginning to wonder.  My job right now is be content.  That is actually a big job.  I am trying very hard.  Remember, these are the best of times.

Hey!  Maybe I’m starting to feel better!  🙂

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