Your hard work will pay off.

Dad and I had lunch today with at Denny’s in Pleasanton with Uncle Joe and Auntie Isabel.  Today Uncle Joe’s doctor told him absolutely no dairy.  No milk.  No ice cream.  No dairy.  Which I have been telling him for a year, because of his chronic diarrhea, but they definitely needed to hear it from the doctor.  I did not have the heart to tell him the cream he was putting into his coffee is dairy.  “Maybe” next time.  I really need to start taking care of my own health and stop being such a busy-body in everyone elses.   Knowing the answers – and doing them – are 100% different.  And more Difficult.  lol

Just been kicking back and enjoying relaxing days and appreciating them and doing all the little things that I enjoy.  Simple pleasures.  My favorite in the whole world.


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