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Today is a lucky number day 11/12/13  November 12, 2013.  Today we had funeral service for Auntie Isabel, age 94 at Holy Angels/Holy Sepulchre cemetery in Hayward on Mission Blvd.  Her niche is at the St. Anthony Statue over to the right.  We had a wonderful Deacon.  He says “Even when I am very old, I will be young.”  His last name is Young.  lol  He was wonderful throughout the whole services and we really appreciate him.  Such a beautiful family turnout.  Dad and I, Uncle Joe, Tommy, Debbie, Lenny, Kim, Hope, Deaunn, Jean, Tony, Kenny, Lisa, Bobby, Elizabeth, Gordon, Gary, Frank and Lori Halloran.  Afterwards, we all went to Don Jose’s Mexican Restaurant in Castro Village and really enjoyed ourselves.  Came home and took a very long, deep nap.  Woke up just in time to go visit Eleanor and Luie and then went to Line Dancing at the clubhouse.  Very full day.  Filled with deep, mixed emotions.  Took a double dose of Xanax for this morning and this evening.  Think it really helped for right now.  Going to be a very busy day for the next couple of days.

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