You’re already a success in so many ways!

Had acupuncture treatment with Dr. Tsao in Newark.  My cough is quieting and hopefully my chest will continue to clear.  We did acupuncture and then he sent me home with three bags of herbs.  I go back in one week.  Went to the pool and Jacuzzi and came home and spent two hours boiling herbs.  Feeling pretty slow.

Used the CPAP machine last night.  First half of the night, I could not get to sleep.  Probably because of that amazing two-hour nap in the afternoon.  Did finally fall asleep early this morning.  Curious how it will be tonight.  Having such a hard time keeping my eyes open, but, hopefully I can so I can try and get a better nights sleep tonight.  Dr. Tsao said he included herbs to help increase my energy.  Looking forward to this week.

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