This morning I went to Kaiser and they had a class and taught us how to use the CPAP.  My tests showed I have Severe obstructive SLEEP APNEA with an AHI of 46.9.

A 15% reduction in body weight is recommended.  lol  Actually, I am thinking of going to the hypnotherapist and having them do the “lap band”.  Safer than actual surgery.

Interesting that the notes included other comments:  “As the ESS (Epworth Sleepiness scale) is 19, I would strongly recommend that the patient be advised to avoid driving until treatment  is started and the patient feels less sleepy”.   Probably good advice – since I just caused that car accident SATURDAY!!!

Also, the results said that I wake up 46 times every hour!  My REM – Rapid Eye Movement is 11.7% – where 26% is good.  I’m only getting 77% oxygen.  And that I had 146 events that night.

Actually, my biggest problem is that my current coverage has ME paying 100% for prescriptions – and the CPAP machine is $700!  Sigh……

This afternoon dad and I had lunch with Uncle Joe and Auntie Isabel at Burger King.  I had the Whopper with cheese.  It is such a heavy meal and I came home and took a deep two hour nap.  Then went to the pool and swam twenty laps.  Felt so good.  Came home.  Cooked my herbs.  Can’t wait to try my CPAP tonight!





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