You’re already awesome!

Saturday dad and I visited Frank Mendes at Bancroft Convalescent home.  We had a nice visit.  Then we went to the Pasta Dinner at the Clubhouse for the firemen.  Tom, the Battalion Chief sat with us.  All the guys are so great.  They got called out right during the meal.  Fortunately, it was a false alarm and they were able to return and finish their dinners.  Then they got called out again and that was the last we saw them.  Eleanor Flanagan’s family, nephew Gary and wife Cheryl and sister Vi came to visit her, so she couldn’t come to the dinner, so we took her a plate and dessert.  I ordered an infrared light to use on my lungs.  Hope that will help clear them out.  Fell asleep early, about 9:00 pm.

Dad and I went to the movies this morning and saw Captain Phillips with Tom Hanks in XD.  Went shopping at Walmart.  Then came home and watched the 49ers win and had bacon and eggs for dinner.  Good day.

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