You’re destined to succeed!

Feeling rested and much better today.  Got up early and got lots done.  Dad and I went to the post office and I dropped off my adjustable bed remote control to get repaired.  Yes, it died again.  Mailed it to .  They sound pretty confident that they can repair it.  Sure hope so, since I have been told that 100% by Mancini beds that  there are “NO replacement remotes” for this remote.  Basically, they are saying  – buy a whole new bed!  Outrageous.  Then we went to Bank of America.  Took the third picture in three months to put my new short haircut on my VISA card.  But they NEVER mail me the card.  The representative spent about an hour talking on the phone to get help to resolve this.  They promised to overnight Federal Express.  Tomorrow we shall see.  Fingers crossed.  Spent the day helping Uncle Joe with banking and social security and other little things.  Then we all went over for donuts and coffee at Tina’s donuts by Raleys.  There are a lot more issues, but we have to save them until we have more time this Thursday.   Came home and dad and I visited Eleanor and Luie.  Then I went to the Jacuzzi.   We really got a lot accomplished today.

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