You’re making progress!

Even though I have gotten a little side-tracked with my eye surgeries, I am really happy to be rving. Reading blogs about all the places that people who are full-timing is so exciting. Just sleeping and living in my van makes me so happy. Next week I’ll head to Oregon to schedule a couple of appointments. Figure I should be there about four weeks checking out some rv parks and then heading on. The summer goes by so quickly. Will most likely spend the winter in Arizona and/or Texas where it is warm.

This morning went to Target and Safeway and the library. 2:00pm will see Godfather and 7:00pm Godfather II. Also, saw Think Like a Man Too. It’s sort of a split-day double feature. It’s sort of overcast and a little breezy today. Where is my California sunshine? Oh, well. it’s been fun.

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