You’re moving forward!

Definitely enjoying my stay here at Spirit Mountain Casino.
Although, a little after midnight, someone started using their generator and it set off my carbon monoxide alarm. So, I had to get up and move my van. It was pretty dark and foggy, but it all worked out and the rest of the night was perfect. It has started to rain this morning. It is supposed to rain all weekend long.
We’ll see how this goes.

I change my mind every five seconds on what to do. lol!

Hoping to just kick back and listen to Audible books. I did get through an eight-hour one yesterday by Leah Remini.
Today I am working on a six-hour one by David Spade. They are extra enjoyable because they are read aloud by their author.
Much more enjoyable to hear their inflections by voice, than just the dry words on the page. Entertainers generally work better in the medium their accustomed. I have so many Audible books already, it would take a lifetime to go through them. Seems every day I add another one. I love books. But it just seems that it takes longer to listen than to read. But it is pretty fun, so guess I will enjoy this for awhile.

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