You’re moving forward!

Everyone keeps telling me what a bad neighborhood this is. They may be right. The UPS guy was delivering a package to me, and he said a guy had a shotgun right in front of my house. Right then, a lot of people starting coming from every direction and yelling. We called 911.
The UPS guy was out there talking to the police for a long time. I just stayed inside and washed my new Lock n’ Lock bowls. lol Things got a whole lot quieter after the police were here! tee tee

Well, I never heard back from my two new handymen, but Rudy texted me tonight. Says he is starting to feel a little better, and will “try” and come tomorrow. Tomorrow will also be the third day that I have been trying to get the plumber back here to install the ice maker. Pretty sure, they will make it tomorrow. The good thing is, I have seriously been ticking off my to-do list. I’m not too sure if there is a bottom to this list, but some of the more important things are actually starting to get accomplished. Tonight I have started reading the
DMV handbook, as I really need to get a California driver’s license and register my van here. This is slow reading. Every paragraph reminds me of something else I need to get done, and I stop and run and do it. But, it still is cool to get lots finished. This week is flying by. I was up all night working. Get so much done at night. My phone rings all day long with business. Skipper helped me get a second small
2-drawer file cabinet. Very helpful. The drawers, but also the top. I have no surfaces right now. Definitely do need surfaces. lol

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