You’re one of the best kinds of wonderful!

Had such a fun day today.  We  had Family Lunch.  Nice small group, so we really got to talk and enjoy each other.  Dad and I, Uncle Joe, Auntie Isabel, Tommy, Debbie and Deaunn.  We had lunch at The Carvery, Harry’s Hofbrau in Livermore.  Came home and took a nap and then went to the pool.  So refreshing.  I’m trying to hook my DVD back up, but I can’t find the connections or the directions to connect it.

So happy.  I got my DVD hooked back up again.  Only had to print out about 50 pages trying to figure out what I was doing!  Turns out I just needed to take the red, white, and yellow connections out of my cable box and hook them directly from my TV to my DVD.  Whew!  Now, I am going to start using my Leslie Sansone Walking DVD’s again.  I am Definitely going to be back to my healthy weight.  Definitely!  Having those furniture sliders under my entertainment center, sure made it easy to slide it forward and get to all the connections in the back.  These sliders make it possible for me to do what I couldn’t do before.  I love them.

Not sure why, but my arms have suddenly broken out in allergy rash.  Sure hope I’m not allergic to any of the herbs I am taking.  Can’t think of anything else that is different right now.  I’ll go find the Cortizone cream and see if that helps any.

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