Dad drove me to Kaiser for an 8:00am appointment this morning.  I have had a rash on my face for about a week that just would not clear up.  Got some new ointment.  It is called Desonide Cream 0.05%.   Because I have NO prescription coverage, the ointment cost $108!!!  Not happy.  But Very Happy that I can clear up this rash.  Then we dropped my car off at Jim’s Automotive for a loud noise my car is making.  Uncle Joe came over about 10:00am.  We took him for his 12:30pm appointment with Social Security.  Nice smooth, easy appointment.  After, we all had lunch at Burger King.  Uncle Joe went home.  Quiet afternoon.  About 5:00pm Jim called, just a spring came loose when he put in my new timing belt.  No Charge.  We will pick the car up tomorrow, because our plumber Jeff was here and fixed dad’s running toilet.  Dad cooked a whole pan of peppers and made oolio oolio for a fantastic dinner.  Overall a pretty productive day, and everything just seemed so easy.  My kind of day!

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