You’re readier than ever to succeed.

Things are looking good. Except for a little caulking over the exterior back door, I believe I have completed my transactions with handyman Chuck. The back duplex is looking good. A few more details, but I am going to have handyman, Billy Dee come and take care of those. Also, while I was at Home Depot today, I have found another handyman. Now, I think he wants the bigger projects, not the little tiny ones, but it is nice to have a phone number to reach out to.

More trouble on the Michigan property. Also, seriously thinking of checking out another Property Management group. Across the street they have been vigorously cleaning and now have a HUGE “Renting Now” banner outside. Very pro-active. May call them this week, and ask a few questions.

All business. No play. Wait! I had delicious Popeye’s chicken for dinner with Skipper and Cheri tonight. Always fun.

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