You’re someone to believe in.

Have been adding the titles to all of my past posts.  Big job.  About half done. 

7:40pm   Have All my titles posted.  Whew!

 This morning dad and I are having breakfast/lunch with Uncle Joe, Auntie Isabel and cousin Debbie at Jim’s Country Style Restaurant in Pleasanton.  Had a wonderful breakfast with the family.

3:30am  Luigi has thrown up two times tonight already.  Poor sick puppy.  I haven’t given him anything extra.  Even little doggies get sick sometimes.  haha – just thought I heard him getting sick again.  It was just my new little red humidifier that I have been using every night.  Really enjoying it.  Makes a tiny little bubble sound occasionally as it uses the water.

4:00am  Luigi threw up a third time.  Tried to give him some Pepcid with a small piece of pupperoni – would not eat it.  He Loves pupperoni.  He did finally take the Pepcid with a piece of hot dog.  He wants to cuddle with me, but I do not want him getting sick inside my sheets.  Plus, he smells like vomit.  Yuck.  He won’t drink any water.  Hope his tummy starts to feel better.

6:00pm  Luigi has thrown up more than six times and also has diarrhea.  Called the veterinarian and he said do not feed Luigi anything, not even water.  If he is feeling better tomorrow give Luigi 1-1/2 tsp chicken breast.  If he seems too sick, take him to the vet.  Sure hope he is feeling better tomorrow.

Did I mention that Thursday, Vince and Noe Cortes have sold their house in Fremont and moved to Assisted Living in Tracy.  Vince is in his nineties and they  are both having a lot of health problems.

 Vince Cortes and Noe Cortes

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