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Yesterday dad and I went over to Uncle Joe’s.  Uncle Joe blew out “TWO” tires.  (He doesn’t know how he did that.)  Big “O” Tires put on two new tires, but did not replace the rims.  Said the car may pull from time to time.  Uncle Joe, Tommy, dad and I drove to McDonalds in Uncle Joe’s car.  Uncle Joe was all over the road, and the car pulled left into the center divide.  Dad and Uncle Joe decided this is no big deal.  Sighhhhhhhhh……….   Yes, I am looking for my Xanax.   lol   Other than (possibly getting killed by oncoming traffic – saved by a cement median – we did have a fun day.  In the afternoon I went swimming.  I do love swimming.  Relaxing evening.

This morning dad and I are going to the movies and see Grudge Match with Sylvester Stallone and Robert Di Nero.  Today the 49ers are in the playoffs.  Is supposed to be one of the coldest playoff days ever.  It should be fun watching the ball go everywhere with their frozen fingers.  haha

Dad and I got all the way to the movies, and Then decided – we would rather go home and watch the football playoff games.  First, we went shopping at Walmart.  Came home.  While in the driveway, Bill Mack told us that Frank Mendes died this morning; dad remembered that he left his cane in the shopping cart.  We raced back to Walmart, and the nice “cart guy” had found it and turned it in to customer service.  It had our named engraved on it – easy.  lol  Bev Mendes called this afternoon to let us know that Frank died at 1:00am this morning.  I was really glad that she called.  I am sure that we will go to the graveside services with her.  The 49ers Won!  And the San Diego Chargers Won!  Great football day.  Lots of fun.  Great day.  Talked to Uncle Joe.  He and Tommy went shopping during the 49er game and said he had already watched two games this morning.  Huh?  He said they were having pizza delivered.  Later dad said, ‘Enjoy your pizza’.  Uncle Joe replies, ‘What’s pizza?’.  Oy.  One day at a time.  Smile!


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