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Got the furniture sliders on under the bookshelf and moved it back into my room.  Took dad to the eye doctor today.  His cataract surgery went great  and we don’t need to put any more eye drops in his right eye.  He has had a detached retina and this was a very thick cataract, but there were able to get him 20/40 vision in the right eye.  We went across the hall and picked out new frames and had the prescription filled and should be able to pick up his new glasses in a couple of weeks.

I have been drinking the herbs for two days now from the acupuncturist, Dr. Tsao.  You CANNOT believe how much better my chest sounds after only two days.  It feels like a miracle.  I am SO HAPPY!  He said to expect it to take about a month to clear my chest.  That is fine by me.  I have STOPPED taking ALL of Kaisers medications.  I am so UNHAPPY that they prescribed them, as I do not have asthma and have been reading about all of the long-term side effects.  SCARY!   Relaxed at the Jacuzzi and the pool tonight.

About 9:00 pm Bill Mack came over and nailed all of the back pieces back onto my entertainment center and we brought it back in my room and got everything set back up.  I used Scott’s Liquid Gold and polished my part of my walls, all of my furniture and now ALL of my carpet has had ALL of the dust removed.  And these wonderful herbs have stopped all of my coughing and my chest is clearing.  I am so happy.

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