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Whew!  It’s 11:00pm and I just spent one hour on the phone with Bluehost trying to get into my website.  Finally, it turns out, I needed to press Control Shift Delete and have only Cache and Cookies check marked and then Clear All.

Today we went to the bank and ordered new checks and changed my address.  Then we signed up for a month-to-month membership at Nautilus.  I really want to start swimming again.  We had a delicious oolio oolio dinner.  We talked to Skipper.  Cheri is up walking with a walker!  Yea!  Under Skipper as the Sponsor, signed up LifeVantage for Protamdim.  Skipper says he has not smoked in six weeks and has been able to sleep lying down in bed again after 30 years!  Cross fingers it continues to work for him.  Will be curious to see if I notice any improvements.  So happy to be back on my website.

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