You’ve got the gift of now.

My yard work guys are coming Monday. Should be a team of four. Today I had to go back to the cable company and get a new box. Turns out I had a cable box for the living room, and needed the DVR box. I’ll try it for a couple of months and see if I actually use it in the living room. Got lots and lots of little projects completed today. Also, cleaned out my van’s refrigerator. When I turned it off a few months ago, guess I hadn’t really emptied it. Big Mistake! lol Fortunately, I have some really great cleaner, that made the job much easier. Even getting off the baked-on aluminum foil on the refrigerator door. Unless it is too windy or bad weather, I am hoping to take the van to Las Vegas this week. Going to another Boots on the Ground Training. If I take the van, I may stay in an RV Park, or also get a hotel room. Definitely going to take it one day at a time. Weather will play a big part on how it goes. Definitely looking forward to a little trip. Now that things are starting to take shape here, I feel a little freer. But I am tired. Every day is a long day. Would really love a day or two and do nothing. Don’t see that happening for a while. I did finally break down and ordered a four-drawer file cabinet. Should have done that in the very beginning. I may end up with two of them, but, just going to tackle it one at a time. Paperwork is my biggest challenge. So organization can only be a Good Thing!

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